Is Your Tree Dying Or Dangerously Located?

Is Your Tree Dying Or Dangerously Located?

Ask about our tree removal services in the Zion & Lake Forest, IL area

If a tree is presenting a threat to your property, power lines or other structures, don't hesitate to contact Squirrels Tree Service INC in Zion, IL. We provide reliable tree removal and stump grinding services. When we're done, there won't be any remaining signs of your unwanted tree.

We're available 24/7 to deal with storm damage or fallen trees. Call us now at 847-219-3246 to request emergency services.

6 signs you need to remove a tree

Trees show obvious signs of declining health. You should ask a professional to look at your tree if it's:

  1. Decaying
  2. Discolored
  3. Full of broken limbs
  4. Leaning or uprooted
  5. Infested with insects
  6. Afflicted with black holes
Whether your tree is sick or growing towards important structures, count on us to remove it carefully. Contact us today to schedule tree removal and stump grinding services in Zion & Lake Forest, IL.